How Long Will My Renovation Take?

Durabuilt Windows & Doors’ skilled installers can complete most renovations within one or two days, and full home packages in three days or less. During the renovation you can expect a clean and safe worksite where drop cloths are used to catch excess debris. Tools and garbage will also be removed and collected nightly.

What type of warranty will I get?

Durabuilt has a competitive product warranty that includes a limited lifetime warranty on major components such as window extrusions, and a 20-year limited warranty on glass sealed units. For full renovation packages where we install the product, we offer a 3-year labour warranty from the date of your installation. For complete details please refer to our full consumer warranty.

What sort of budget do I need to replace all my windows and doors?

Several variables come into play when it comes to replacing your windows and doors. This includes the age of your home, condition of your windows, water and other damage, and if you are making any design changes to the shape and openings of your windows and doors. During your free in-home estimate, your Durabuilt Sales Consultant will run through all the necessary steps and questions to best recommend and quote your project. Remember that Durabuilt offers products for every budget, and you can renovate at your own pace starting with a few windows and doors first.

Will I Save On My Heating And Cooling Costs?

If you’ve been experiencing inflated heating and cooling costs, we can guarantee that you will see a reduction on your energy bill once you replace your windows and doors with new high performance solutions from Durabuilt. Also, when you renovate with Energy Star® rated windows, studies have shown you can reduce your energy costs up to 12%*, so you can feel good about your beautiful window makeover while saving money and protecting the environment! Durabuilt offers many Energy Star® rated products to achieve optimal efficiency. Discuss with your Sales Consultant to determine the best solution for your home renovation project.

*Based on replacement of all windows in an average older home, household energy consumption would be reduced by 7%, saving three quarters of a tonne of greenhouse gas emissions. Energy Star website statistic 2006.

Why should I renovate with Durabuilt?

Durabuilt Windows & Doors is a local Edmonton based company that employs over 400 staff members. We are a CSA Certified manufacturer and Energy Star partner. We have over 25 years experience and back our products with a competitive warranty and local service teams. As a family-run business, we value our customer’s satisfaction and pride ourselves on providing quality products at a competitive price.

How Do I Know If I Need New Windows And Doors?

It’s sometimes difficult to tell when you need to replace or update your windows and doors. To help, here are a number of indicators that you might need new windows or doors in your home:

  • Cool drafts or warm spots around the frame indicate your windows are allowing air to come into or escape your home. Windows should block drafts and preserve energy within the household.
  • If your windows are peeling, the aluminum is frail, or the glass is cracked, that is a very good indication that it is time to consider replacing them with new Durabuilt Windows & Doors.
  • Frost or ice build-up happens when inadequate insulation or poor thermal material allows too quick of a transition from hot to cold air to occur. As condensation continuously builds up over time, it can cause ice and frost to form on the windows. This is a strong indication that you might need new windows with proper insulation. Proper insulation also has the benefit of helping to reduce the sound of disturbances outside.
  • Poor operation of opening, closing, or propping a window open indicates it is time to put in new smooth operating windows from Durabuilt. Rotting, bowing, and warping around a doorframe not only pose functionality issues, but can also affect the integrity of the door itself. This then poses an unnecessary security risk to you and your family.
  • Skyrocketing heating and cooling costs are also one of the best reasons to look at making home improvements – including window and door replacements.

Stainable Fir Interior Finishing Instructions

Rich-looking Douglas Fir interior laminate takes your choice of stain or paint beautifully – follow these instructions
for best results. The durable, vinyl film allows for a consistent, long-lasting finish.

Stainable Fir Clean


  • Keep as clean as possible before applying finish.
  • If the vinyl becomes soiled, try cleaning with a general all-purpose household cleaner, such as Formula 409.
  • Do not sand as this may damage the film,
  • Tougher stains may be removed by commercial cleaners, such as TSP, in moderate concentrations.
  • For especially difficult stains or spills of wood stain and latex paint, clean with an industrial hand cleaner, such as Gojo.
  • Always test cleaner on a test piece prior to attempting to clean any vinyl.

Stainable Fir Stain

Stain & Topcoat

  • Before staining, test any stain on an inconspicuous area or test piece.
  • For ease of use and consistency, gel-type stains perform best.
  • Read and follow the stain manufacturer’s instructions and warnings for preparation, application, and cleanup.
  • Mix stain well. Apply with a clean, dry, lint-free cloth, working the stain in the grain direction until desired colour is achieved – multiple coats may be required to create desired effect.
  • A small amount of stain is needed so be sure to wipe with a separate cloth to remove excess product.
  • Always finish with a high-quality urethane, using a clean brush.

Stainable Fir Topcoat


  • Keep as clean as possible before applying paint.
  • Read and follow paint manufacturer’s instructions and warnings for preparation, application, and cleanup.
  • No primer is necessary but be sure to remove any foreign materials prior to painting and follow instructions for cleaning.
  • Latex and oil paints both apply easily with a brush, roller, or sprayer and usually only require one coat.
    Thoroughly test any paint on an inconspicuous area or test piece.


Click here to download the instructions.

Thank you, for Making our Vision a Reality!

Thank you, Gagandeep Singh and your team at Durabuilt for making our vision a reality!

After the 2016 wildfires in Fort McMurray, my husband and I decided to inquire about opening a business to help the residents of Wood Buffalo have local options available to renovate their homes. After reaching out to Durabuilt Windows and Doors, we knew we had chosen the right company to help us see this through. Gagandeep was so helpful, insightful and welcomed our ideas.

Today, we have officially opened the Fort McMurray Design Gallery to our local friends and families. I would like to thank Gagandeep for his time spent with our crew and his team for your countless visits, intuitive knowledge, and friendly gestures for always making us feel like a part of your team. We look forward to working with you for many years to come!

– Judith G., Principal, Fort McMurray Design Gallery

How Does Super Spacer® Keep Energy Costs Down?

All Durabuilt insulating glass units, across our various Window Collections feature the same premium grade all-foam, no metal Super Spacer®.  Thermal efficiency through no presence of conductive metals is the Super Spacer® hallmark and one of the cornerstones of our high performance window solutions, here’s why:

Blocks Heat Escape

The all foam formula of Super Spacer® blocks the heat escape path and provides one of the best thermal performances in the industry.

Resists Condensation & Mold

Condensation can lead to more than mold it can increase the likelihood of fungi, viruses and mites that cause respiratory infections, allergies and asthma. Durabuilt’s Super Spacer® helps keep the glass surface warmer, reducing the risk of condensation and all that follows.

Blocks Unwanted Noise

Improved sound absorption over traditional metal spacers is achieved as a result of the closed-cell polymer foam in the Super Spacer® that transmits very little sound, keeping the decibels down.

Adapts to Extreme Temperature Variances

Our all foam formula offsets the effects of temperature changes, barometric pressure, wind load and glazing pressure. The end result is less seal failure and fewer stress cracks.

Withstands the Test of Time

Super Spacer units withstand 60°C temperatures, 95 – 100% humidity and constant UV bombardment in the world’s toughest durability test – The P-1 Chamber. Considered by many engineers as the world’s toughest simulation, one week in the P-1 Chamber is equivalent to one year in field; Super Spacer survives 75+ weeks *.

* Source Test: RLS08006B


Foam vs. Metal

Metal can’t bounce back the way Super Spacer® can. As a result of Super Spacer’s® 100% memory formula (TSS technology), it will expand and contract, but always return to its original shape. Rigid metal and plastic spacer’s cannot compensate for the natural expansion that occurs daily in insulating glass – especially with western Canada’s extreme temperature fluctuations.

Super Spacer® will Outlast and Outperform

Many of today’s windows offer glass packages with “warm edge technology.” The problem with these highly conductive metal-based insulating spacers, is that they can cause heat/cold transfer to flow through a window the same way you see heat conduct from the stove to a hot skillet.


Durabuilt’s Premium grade Super Spacer® can provide up to +10.2˚C warmer temperature at the edge of the glass.


Outside Temperature: -17.78˚C ± -1.1˚C
Inside Temperature: 21.11˚C ± -1.1˚C

Simulations performed by Enermodal Engineering Ltd. using window 5.2 and Therm 5.2 as per NFRC100-2001. Outside temperature -17.8°C, inside temperature 21.1°C. Double-glazed Low-E glass with Sungate 400 with argon fill. Temperature results shown are average temperatures. [Test Reports EIG10009w, Oct. 15, 2010 – doubles and EIG11001w, Dec. 9, 2010 – triples.] Keff is per NFRC 101-2010.


The Differences Between Dual and Triple Pane Windows

Dual Pane

All Durabuilt windows come with dual pane insulating glass as a standard (two individual pieces of glass separated by a sealed airspace). Installing new dual pane windows with our high-performance PVC frames will significantly improve your window & doors performance; especially when old single pane metal systems were previously in place.

Triple Pane

Triple pane insulating glass (three individual pieces of glass separated by two sealed airspaces) provides added performance benefits, especially in extreme climates, as it features additional glass and airspace for improved insulation. All of our Casement Collection windows support triple pane glass as well as selection of our slider series.

Simulations performed by Enermodal Engineering Ltd. using window 5.2 and Therm 5.2 as per NFRC100-2001. Outside temperature -17.8°C, inside temperature 21.1°C. Double-glazed Low-E glass with argon fill. Temperature results shown are average temperatures. [Test Reports EIG10009w, Oct. 15, 2010 – doubles and EIG11001w, Dec. 9, 2010 – triples.] Keff is per NFRC 101-2010.

Save on Energy Cost

Durabuilt’s triple pane windows deliver superior air-tightness and protection, preventing winter heat loss and summer heat gain. The dual seal combination keeps the entire glass surface warmer / cooler, especially on the inside, which helps retain energy. As a result, triple pane windows can insulate up to 60%* better than their dual pane counterparts.

* Study based on a double and triple pane window comparison under controlled circumstances featuring Super Spacer ® and Low E Glass with argon.

Reduce Noise & Improve Comfort

In today’s housing market, neighbours and distractions are often in close proximity. Triple pane windows are equally as effective at blocking unwanted noise as they are in retaining energy. By trapping sound waves in the first chamber and keeping cool drafts outside, your home will become the tranquil haven you long for.

Reduce Condensation

Triple pane insulating glass can improve your relative humidity levels (the point before surface condensation occurs) by almost double due to warmer window surface temperatures. Triple pane is highly recommended if you live in a cold dry climate and desire more moisture and humidity in the home.



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