RRHBA Master Awards 2022


Even during difficult market conditions, Durabuilt continues to innovate. For example, 2020/2021 saw our all-new Alpha & Omega product offering launch. These two new products share the same real-world benefits, and our simplified approach has the housing industry taking notice. This new product offering has allowed us to gain local market share while breaking innovation barriers for our clients and customers.

This is a one-piece monoframe-designed window that is engineered specifically for new construction. The one-piece design prohibits air, wind, and water from entering the home, allowing new homeowners to feel more comfortable in their homes. In addition, this product increases energy efficiency and decreases the number of service calls we receive. Our builders love our new monoframe product because it is easy to install and is a product they can trust. We are currently the only window and door company with a mono-frame window product, and this has allowed us to gain market share and help builders! Not only has this innovation given us a competitive edge, but it has allowed us to solve a real-world problem that our builders were coming to us with.

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