Marcson Lottery Home

A lottery home with unique, dramatic personality in Upper Windermere.

The Task at Hand

The client was working on building a lottery home in upper Windermere. Given the chance to show off their unique design personality, the client sought windows and doors that would create a memorable experience for visitors. The products chosen for this home would need to be show stopping.

The Solution

The client fell in love with Durabuilt’s Vivacé line of products, especially the way the black laminate created a dramatic elegance against a light-coloured paint and flooring scheme. We provided a full range of black laminate products to carry the ambiance throughout the lottery home. On future projects, the client was eager to recreate the Vivacé look on a more feasible budget. By combining stunning Vivacé pieces with a variety of black laminate products from other lines of windows and doors, we were able to accommodate the client’s budget while offering that flair and contrast that their customers adored.

Thoughts from Our Client

The client was incredibly pleased to get the feel of a high-end product at the more affordable price point that they needed to stay on budget. Thanks to a dedication to seamless relationships and above-standard customer service, a few short years later Durabuilt has become the sole provider for the client’s building projects.