Salvi Group Savona Project

A statement demo home adds a touch of style to a new community.

The Task at Hand

In the heart of Sherwood Park, our client required the addition of architectural flair to a new build residential project that would become their sales centre in the neighbourhood. This high-end home needed to stand out and have an above-average appeal, as many potential buyers would be touring this home.

The Solution

To ensure this sales centre was unforgettable to visitors, we suggested the implementation of eye-catching Aszura blue-hued glass against black laminated Hybridex windows. They loved the Hybridex line so much, they chose to implement in for the larger-scale project needs in additional homes throughout the neighbourhood.

Thoughts from Our Client

We believe that the greatest compliment from a client is repeat business, and we’re incredibly proud that the client’s admiration for our work on the sales centre led to a larger engagement to supply product for the project at large. Our sales representatives continue to work with the client to meet their high-end design desires and budgetary requirements.