As a builder, you know that commercial doesn’t necessarily mean impersonal – and we agree, it shouldn’t. When you bring a building to life, you are creating a space that will evoke feelings that will consume the individuals who experience it. With building code compliance and detail-oriented project managers, Durabuilt is the perfect partner to take the pressure off. Take your vision from ordinary to extraordinary with products that are equally functional and beautiful.

An Evolved Product Offering including Commercial Doors

In order to support your vision, we’ve added commercial doors and hardware to our already impressive window and door portfolio of products. Our expertise allows us to offer you catered solutions that can make all the difference to your project.

Your commercial building needs doors that are durable, secure, and up to the task of opening and closing again and again without sustaining major wear. At Durabuilt, we offer a complete selection doors and hardware, including closers, panic devices, latches, panels, and more!

Hollow Metal Doors have superior performance for strength and durability compared to the alternate materials. Metal doors are more sanitary, much easier to maintain, and can withstand more abuse than wood or aluminum doors. Choosing metal doors and frames renders several advantages for your next commercial building project – here are a few reasons why:

Structural Integrity

Hollow metal doors are a security investment. We recommend installing them at every primary entrance or exit to your building to provide maximum security.

Long-Lasting Material

The doors is your building need to sustain continuous usage for years to come, and when you choose hollow metal doors from Durabuilt, you can feel confident in your choice. Our commercial steel doors and frames withstand environmental damages, such as heat, humidity, and cold.

Lightweight Design

Although many choose hollow metal doors for security benefits, these doors feature a lightweight design and enable patrons to enter and exit your facility with ease.

Design Flexibility

You want to have flexibility in terms of where you can install hollow metal doors throughout your building. Durabuilt provides door and frame sizes that are customizable to accommodate the right fit for your facility.