Your All-In-One Sales Tool


Product knowledge, quotes, orders and order tracking. It's all in one organized place with no gaps in the workflow.

Built-In Product Catalogue.

Durabuilt CX is made to look great for you, and your customers. Built-in product details with customizable filters allow you to only see what you need to see. It's as easy as it looks.

Part of Your Sales Process.

Visually build custom products in real-time as you guide customers through their options. Accessible product knowledge and crisp visuals make it easy for customers to imagine their new windows and doors at home.

Accountable Software.

In a low-margin world, order mistakes break a sale. Durabuilt CX will warn you if the quote is missing any vital information.

Monitor Your Orders.

Tracking from order placement through production to your shipment date. You'll always have the answers to your customers' questions.

Simplify Sales with Durabuilt CX

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Your Sales, On Overdrive.

You can use Durabuilt CX as your virtual product catalogue to show your customers all of their options. With real-time visualizations, you can build windows and doors before their eyes as they make choices. Not sure about aluminum versus laminate? Built-in product descriptions provide all the information you and your customers will need.

Quotes That Don't Halt the Process.

Eliminate breaks in the sales process by no longer making customers wait for a quote. While you and your customers select products and features, Durabuilt CX pulls together a professional, well-designed quote with all of your selected specifications. Your customers changed their minds? No problem, it only takes a few clicks to update your quote. Durabuilt CX flags any missing information or outstanding selections so you can build your quotes worry-free.

All the Info, All in One Place.

Guide your customers through the virtual product catalogue, build a quote, place the order, track the manufacturing and shipping, all in one convenient software. Plus, your system-generated quote lays it all out for you and your customers with clear, professional design.

No More Shipping Headaches.

There's no more guessing game with Durabuilt CX. When you need to see the status of an order, we've simplified the process so that you can track the order right in the software you placed it through. You can even see reliable production lead-times so you'll know when to expect your order, a concrete incentive that helps customers choose to buy now, rather than later.

Make Sales Easy With The All-in-One Durabuilt CX.
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