Energy Efficiency Rebates


Up to $5,700 or more in rebates plus no payments until 2022!

How does Durabuilt help?

Step 1. We will help set up your appointment with our Energuy registered home energy advisor.
Step 2. We will help you pick out your Energy Star approved products and reach the maximum rebate amount if possible.
Step 3. After your windows and doors are installed your Energuy representative will book your post-retrofit evaluation and help guide you through the application process.
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Why is Durabuilt the right partner?

We have been building products that exceed energy code for over 30 years. Our products are built for the prairies manufactured right here in Edmonton out of our 200,000 sq ft plant. We are a 500 person team and family owned business, we have a team of Replacement Experts here to help navigate you through the whole process.

What are the rebates?


Home Energy
Retrofit Accelerator
Rebate is $50 per window*
No maximum
Air Sealing:
[1] 15% improvement = $185 rebate
[2] 25% or greater improvement = $435 rebate
Note: Air sealing validation is provided through post-retrofit EnerGuide evaluation. Air sealing can be accepted if the target is achieved through the replacement of windows. HERA program is only for those within the Edmonton city limits.

*Windows must be triple pane, Energy Star to qualify.
– Detached
– Semi-detached
– Row homes/townhomes
– Mobile homes on a permanent foundation intended for year-round occupancy
– Existing suites located within any of these homes (except for mobile homes)
– Homes must be within the municipal boundaries of Edmonton


Rebate per opening
Up to $5,000 available
Rebate is per opening:
[1] U-value 1.22 or ER greater/equal to 34 = $125 per opening
[2] U-value 1.05 or ER greater/equal to 40 = $250 per opening
[3] Doors: U-value 1.22 or ER greater/equal to 34 = $125 per opening
Air Sealing:
[1] Achieve ACH target in report = $500
[2] 10% better than target in report = $810
[3] 20% better than target in report = $1,000

Note: Your report will provide you with a target to improve the air-tightness of your home. The lower the value you achieve; the more favourable the grant amount. Typically, these levels would be achieved with the assistance of an air-sealing professional. Double door rebate is the same as a single door.
– Homes must be an owner-occupied primary residence.
– Single and semi-detached houses
– Row housing
– Townhomes
– All-season cottages
– Mobile homes on a permanent foundation
– Permanently-moored floating homes
– Mixed use buildings (residential portion only)*
– Small multi-unit residential building (three storeys or less with a footprint of 600m2 or less)
– New homes are not eligible for the grant.
*Multi-unit residential buildings (over three storeys or over 600 m2 in footprint) are not eligible homes under the initiative.

Energy Evaluation

Only one pre-retrofit evaluation is required for both the HERA program and Greener Homes Grant.

*Durabuilt Referral Rebate is available to customers referred to Energuy through a Durabuilt Replacement Expert or by mentioning they are a Durabuilt customer.





Cost to

Two ways to apply for evaluation:
[1] Durabuilt Replacement Expert will connect you with our Energuy representative
[2] You can call 1-888-442-9577 and let them know who your sales representative is and that you are a Durabuilt customer.

Note: Customers can choose an energy evaluation provider of their choice, however they may not qualify for the Durabuilt referral rebate, and Durabuilt will have limited capacity to support program participation questions..
Why is now the perfect time to replace your windows?
[1] This is one of the strongest government rebate programs that has been available in a long time.

[2] You can take advantage of our summer financing offer.

[3] Take advantage of renovating your windows in the hot summer months.
Want to do it yourself?
The following categories of upgrades do not require a contractor to be eligible for a rebate, as a result homeowners have the option to complete the installation themselves:

> Insulation > Windows > Smart Thermostats> Drain water heat recovery > Air sealing

What are the savings?​

Rebate for:
Greener Homes Grant
Up to $5,600
$600 towards pre and post energy evaluation.
Up to $5,000 for windows, doors, and other eligible upgrades*
Note:*Eligible upgrades are listed on the program website. This information is only regarding windows and doors.
Rebate for:
HERA Program
$50 per window
Additional Offer:
No payments or interest for 12 months – offer available all summer long! Rebates are stackable up to 100% of price paid.