Durabuilt Glossary


Durabuilt sliding window product series.


Float glass used for sealed units.


Argon gas

Inert gas used to reduce heat loss in sealed units by slowing down convection in the air space. Argon gas is very cost efficient, and works in unison with Low E coated glass.



A weatherstripped molding applied to the inactive door allowing the active door to close.


Awning window

Venting window that uses a sash hinged on both sides and swings outward.  Awning window do not meet building code egress requirements as the hardware obstructs exit.



Hardware used in vertical single hung sliding windows that allow the venting sash to slide and remain open.

Bay or Bow window

Individual windows joined together that project outward from a home. Bay windows are typical three units with the side flankers projecting at a 300 or 450 angle. Bow windows are typically four to six windows and create a curved appearance.



Exterior trim around a window or door creating a wider appearance and is used as an installation method.


Brickmould monoframe

One-piece, monolithic frame with an integral renovation brickmould providing air and water tight design.



Wood form placed in concrete to accept a basement window.


Bundled screen packaging

Screens supplied in a bag, or box, to prevent damage and can be safely stored for site installation at a later date.  


Lever locks used to pull an out-swing door snug against a frame for a better seal and added security.



The metal that is in between the pieces of decorative glass in a doorlite.



Interior decorative trim site applied around a window or door.


Casement window

Venting windows have a sash hinged at the top and bottom which swing open at the side towards the exterior, like a door.



A compound for filling joints and sealing cracks to prevent air and water leakage.


Centre-of-glass R-value

Energy-efficiency value that refers only to the glass portion of a window or door and not the product as a whole.



Aluminum or vinyl material attached to the outside of a window or door that provide colour and low maintenance finish.


Decorative metal attached to woodgrain fiberglass doors which simulate hand forged nails to give a rustic look.



Water that collects as droplets on a cold surface, such as glass, when humid air is in contact with it.



Heat loss through a solid material.


Connect You

Durabuilt department responsible for communicating with customers regarding their order scheduling, shipping and service.


Combination Window

Combination of two or more complete window boxes whose frames are mulled together.


Common frame

Combination window consisting of a single, or common, frame separated by mullions.


Composite jamb

Synthetic material (non-wood) that resist moisture and less prone to warping. 

Dead-air chamber

Space in between walls of vinyl extrusions used to trap air which provide insulation.


Dentil shelf

Decorative ledge installed on the exterior of the door slab on a Craftsman style door.


Decorative glass

Door insert, or doorlite, using a combination of decorative glass and caming material.


Dew point

The temperature at which the air can hold no more humidity and it condenses to liquid.


Direct glazing

Sealed unit installed into a frame as opposed to be glazed into a sash.


Door frame

Wood, or composite, jamb parts and sill assembled to form a frame for a door slab.


Door jamb

Sides and top of a door frame.


An insulating glass unit installed into a door slab. 



Space which protrudes from the roof of a house, usually including one or more windows.


Double slider

Window with two horizontal sliding sash that can be removed to act as a bypass window in a basement.



Drip cap

Formed aluminum or vinyl piece component installed at the top of windows or doors that allows water shed away.


Drywall Return

U-shaped molding applied to a window to accept drywall.


Dualpane glazing

The use of two panes of glass made into a sealed unit for a window or door.


Refers to a venting window being required by building codes for emergency escape and rescue required in bedrooms which do not have an exterior door. Canada building code egress requires a minimum square footage of the clear opening of 3.79 square feet and a minimum clear opening height and width of 15”.



Term used to describe a surfaces relative ability to absorb and reradiate heat. A surface with high emissivity will radiate heat faster than a surface with low emissivity. Emissivity is recorded on a scale of 0-1, where 0 would be the perfect white surface reflecting 100% of heat while 1 would be the perfect black surface that absorbs 100% of heat.


Energy Rating (ER)

A value demonstrating a window or doors balance between U-factor, SHGC and air leakage. The higher the number, the more efficient the product.


Energy Star

A voluntary partnership between the Government of Canada and industry to promote energy efficiency.  For windows and doors, Canada is divided in to three zones. For more information visit http://www.nrcan.gc.ca/energy/products/categories/fenestration/13939



Architectural term referring to the arrangement of windows in a wall. From the Latin word, “fenestra,” meaning window.


Fixed window

Non-venting window that has the same glass sight lines as a venting window providing a balanced appearance.


The side windows of a straight or bow window configuration.



Water resistant material that directs water to a drainage plane or to the exterior surface of a building.



Insulated clear or privacy glass that is integrated into a door slab that provide a clean appearance.  


Frame dimension

The outside dimensions of a window or door frame – commonly referred as OSM frame dimension.


French door

Double door combination with both door slabs operating with and astragal and flushbolts allowing for a wide opening.


Full glass sidelite

Sidelite where the insulating glass directly glazed into the door frame providing maximum glass. Also referred to as a full lite sidelite.


Full frame replacement

Replacement installation procedure where the entire existing window is removed back to the rough opening and replaced with a completely new window.

Garden door

Double door featuring an outswing door for exit and entry and a rotogear operated door allowing for ventilation.



Abbreviation for Grilles Between Glass.



The insertion of glass into a window or door.


Glazing stop

Vinyl or wood molding applied to the window frame or sash, or door slab, around the perimeter of the glass.


Glazing tape

Two-sided adhesive tape placed between the glass and the frame, or sash, to provide a watertight seal



Thin-wall aluminum bars placed inside sealed units for decorative purposes. Referred to as GBG – Grilles between glass


Handicap sill

Low profile aluminum door sill providing wheelchair accessibility.


Hardware restrictor:

Hardware that restricts the width a window may be opened. This is typically used in windows installed in hi-rise buildings.



The main horizontal member forming the top of the window or door frame.


Heel Beading

Sealant used between the insulated glass unit and the glazing stop.



Basement window with a sash that swings open to the interior with hinge locators at the top of the frame.



Aluminum clad window series by Durabuilt  



Abbreviation for insulated glass unit, sometimes referred to as a sealed unit.


Abbreviation for Integrated Management System which consists of ISO 9001 designation for product quality, ISO 14001 designation for environmental, ISO 18001 – designation for Health and Safety


Insert window

Basic window (no nail fin, brickmould or jamb extension) used to insert into an existing window frame for a lower cost replacement option.



Door designation meaning the door slab swings into the home.


Insulated Glass Unit (IGU)

Two or more panes of glass hermetically sealed to form one insulated unit.



The connection made between a sliding sash, or panel, and the meet rail mullion.


Jamb depth

Refers to the depth of the wall from the finished drywall surface on the interior to the outside edge of the wall sheathing on the exterior.


J-trim monoframe

Unique new build window solution by Durabuilt that features a one piece, monolithic frame with a

J-channel that accepts siding and provides air and water tightness.


Jamb extension

Vinyl or wood component applied to the frame to make the jamb depth of a window. Also referred to as jamb liner.


Laminate finish

Exterior, or interior, durable vinyl laminate permanently adhered to the vinyl extrusion. Available in solid and woodgrain finishes.  


Laminated glass

Type of safety glass compromising of two panes of glass with a clear vinyl interlay.



Used to describe the area of glass divided by grilles.



Service provided to home builders where a Service Technician installed all the screens and inspects all windows and doors for proper operation prior to homeowner occupancy. 


Low-E glass

Term used for glass which has low emissivity, transparent coating, that reflect varying amounts of heat providing reduced energy costs and improved comfort.

Meet rail

The intersection of interlock mullion and the sliding sash or panel. 


Mulled unit

Individual window boxes joined, or mulled together, to make a combination window.



Vertical or horizontal element that forms a division between the units of a window or door.


Mullion cover

Vinyl or aluminum strip applied to cover the joint between mulled windows on the inside and outside.


Multi-point lock

Single lever operation that locks the window sash or door in multiple locations for a tighter seal and security.



Abbreviation for National Association of Fenestration Standards / Specifications that regulates window and door performance rating.


Nailing fin

Narrow attachment strip on the window perimeter that typically used to secure the window to the rough opening. On a window it is usually extruded with the frame


Nail fin monoframe

Unique new build window solution by Durabuilt that features a one piece, monolithic frame for improved air and water tightness.


Obscure glass

Patterned glass that provide additional privacy. Also known as Privacy glass.


Outside measurement, or outer dimension, of a window or door frame.



Versatile vinyl window series by Durabuilt. 



Door designation meaning the door slab swings outward, away from the home.


Peakhead window

Picture window shape with peaked appearance.  


Picture window

Non-venting, low profile window type that provide maximum light and view.



Privacy rating

Scale from 1 to 9 (1 being the least privacy) used to rate the privacy of obscure glass.  



A Therma-Tru® modern looking door offering. 



Abbreviation for polyvinylchloride; the type of plastic used vinyl windows extrusions.

Reno brickmould

Vinyl exterior trim available in 2” and 1 ½” width applied to a window and used for full frame window replacement applications. A snap-on cover can be removed to install the window.



Term used to indicate an objects ability to resist heat loss. The higher the R-value, the better an objects ability to resist heat loss. R-values are determined by inverting the U-value (R=1/U).


Rakehead window

Picture window shape with an angled appearance to follow a roof line.



The name of the company that manufacturers and supplier window and door hardware to Durabuilt.


Rotogear hardware

Operating hardware for casement and awning windows that uses a rotogear mechanism to open the sash for venting.


Rough Opening

Framed wall opening size to accept a window or door.



Operating component of a window that includes the insulated glass unit.  



Abbreviation for Simulated divided lites that are permanently applied to the outside and inside of the glass to replicate the look of authentic divide lites.



Abbreviation for solar heat gain coefficient, a ratio showing the amount of the sun’s heat that can pass through the product. The higher the number, the more solar heat the product gains.



Material used to support a window in the rough opening in a square, level and plumb position.  



Panel on the side of a door unit to provide lite, or decoration.


Single hung

An operating style of window, with a fixed top panel and a lower sash that slides up vertically with the aid of balances to provide ventilation.


Site glazing

Service provided to home builder to reduce the weight of a window for installation. 

Slider window

An operating style of window, with a fixed side panel and a sliding sash that slides up horizontally on rollers.


Slimline brickmould

5/8” wide aluminum door brickmould with nail fin communing used for new build applications.  



Therma-Tru® fiberglass door slab with a smooth, paintable surface.


Snap-on cover

Removable strip used with our 2” and 1 ½” Reno brickmould that can be removed to install the window.


Solarban 60

PPG low-e glass coating designed to deflect sunlight to reduce heat build-up, and reflects more significant UV rays.  


Sloped sill

Vinyl window component used with 2” Reno brickmould for full frame window replacement and replicates the look of traditional wood windows. 



Interlocking bracket attached at the side of a casement sash and the top of an awning window to pull the sash tightly to the frame.


Stain grade jamb

Clear wood material used for door frames or window jamb extensions.


Stainable Fir laminate

Durable, vinyl laminated applied to the interior of Durabuilt Omega, Hybridex and Vivacé windows that feature an authentic fir grain and can be easily stained or painted. 


Sungate 400

PPG low-e glass coating designed to allow heat gain, and then works to retain it in the home, reducing your energy costs.


Super Spacer®

Non-metallic, low conductivity foam spacer bar that separates the glass panes and greatly reduces the potential of glass edge condensation. All Durabuilt windows feature Super Spacer®.



Weatherstrip mounted to the bottom of a door slab that provide the seal to the door sill.

T-Post mullion

Solid, common mullion used for door and sidelite combinations.  


Tempered glass

Safety glass processed by controlled thermal treatment to increase its strength compared with normal glass.



Manufacturer of fiberglass doors, door lite and door frame components used to manufacture Durabuilt door products.


Tilt Turn window

Venting window that operates by the use of a single handle and provide a swing in function for full ventilation and egress and a tilt in function for secure ventilation. Durabuilt offers Vivacé Tilt Turn windows.


Tilt Slide patio door

Patio door that operates by the use of a single handle and provide pull in and slide function for full ventilation and egress and a tilt in function for secure ventilation. Durabuilt offers Vivacé Tilt Turn windows.



Window mulled above another window or door.


Triple pane glazing

The use of three panes of glass made into an insulated sealed unit for a window or door.


Rate of heat transfer from warm to cold areas in watts per square metre Kelvin (W/m2K), the lower the number, the more efficient the product.


Vertical Slider

SEE Single hung window.



Common term used for PVC (polyvinyl chloride) material used window extrusions.  


Visible Light Transmittance (VLT)

Ratio of the amount of visible light that can pass through a product. The higher the number, the more light can pass through.


Vivacé (Viv-ah-ch-eh)

Durabuilt Eurostyle window and doors series.  



Material around operating sash or frame designed to reduce air leakage or water penetration or both.



Casement and awning rotogear operator used by Durabuilt; manufactured by Roto®