Durabuilt launches the industry’s first and only Tri-Bridex window series featuring an aluminum exterior, PVC interior and wood interior. Our ICF and proprietary X-Treme J series designed exclusively for new home construction are launched.


Durabuilt moves into its fifth and current location in Edmonton’s west end. Today, our head office has been expanded to include 180,000 sq ft of production space that features sophisticated robotics from around the world. The redesigned Hybridex 910 was launched, adding reinforcing capabilities and improved water evacuation to achieve superior performance results.


Durabuilt Windows & Doors is recognized with the Consumers’ Choice Award within the window and door category in Edmonton, and we have maintained this achievement every year since. The year also marks the launch of the first true Hybrid (PVC/Aluminum) window system of its kind in the western Canadian market, Hybridex 900.


Durabuilt moves into its fourth location totalling 60,000 sq ft. The space features a manufacturing facility and Durabuilt opens its doors to the second Design Gallery location on the south side of Edmonton.


Durabuilt grows again, moving into our third 26,000 sq ft location to expand our offerings to include exterior doors. Durabuilt Window Systems becomes Durabuilt Windows & Doors, as it remains known today.


The Sunner family becomes the sole owners of Durabuilt, and initialize the production of PVC windows manually by hand with 12 employees in our new 10,000 sq ft space.


Durabuilt Window Systems is incorporated in Alberta, operating from our first 3,000 sq ft location.


The Omega and Hybridex window series receive an upgrade to a common chassis design, increasing efficiencies in manufacturing and performance. Extensive fashion choices are revealed, including the addition of on-trend laminate finishes and colour choices. This redefinition of Omega and Hydridex led to a notable mention for Window & Door Magazine’s Crystal Achievement Awards.

The Lethbridge Design Gallery opens, boasting many elements similar to the flagship Edmonton Design Gallery such as beautifully integrated product displays and engaging digital displays.


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