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Better Products Create Best-in-Class Homes

You are passionate about creating stunning homes, and every project begs a different design challenge. At one time, you may be building a family cabin or a suite of model homes. We’re here to help make you look good, no matter the project. When you choose us, you have the strength of the entire team behind you, including a dedicated account manager and incredible job-site service to help you run your business smoothly.

Simply Superior Products

We design products with your needs in mind. Our windows and doors are designed and fully tested to ensure they both exceed building code standards and offer elevated fashion—benefits that will help your homes sell easily.

Solution Oriented

Every home is unique. It needs to meet the demands of different and individual lifestyles. We have you covered with superior products and meaningful construction solutions.

Elevated Service Level

We support you every step of the way with an experienced and attentive Account Manager and an Account Team, as well as our unique Connect You service.


Since 1987, Durabuilt has done it all and seen it all. After 30 years we're ready for anything!

Prairie Approved

All Durabuilt products are manufactured on the prairies, for the prairies. They're built, and guaranteed, to withstand anything Mother Nature has to offer.

Environmentally Aware

Durabuilt offers innovative, energy-efficient windows and doors with rigorous lean manufacturing, quality assurance, environmental waste management, and safety practices in place.

We strive to be the best building partner, and a big part of that is being there when you need us. Enjoy immediate access to our customer service portal for you and your clients.

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