How do I know if I need new windows and doors?

It’s sometimes difficult to tell when you need to replace or update your windows and doors. To help, here are a number of indicators that you might need new windows or doors in your home:

  • Cool drafts or warm spots around the frame indicate your windows are allowing air to come into or escape your home. Windows should block drafts and preserve energy within the household.
  • If your windows are peeling, the aluminum is frail, or the glass is cracked, that is a very good indication that it is time to consider replacing them with new Durabuilt Windows & Doors.
  • Frost or ice build-up happens when inadequate insulation or poor thermal material allows too quick of a transition from hot to cold air to occur. As condensation continuously builds up over time, it can cause ice and frost to form on the windows. This is a strong indication that you might need new windows with proper insulation. Proper insulation also has the benefit of helping to reduce the sound of disturbances outside.
  • Poor operation of opening, closing, or propping a window open indicates it is time to put in new smooth operating windows from Durabuilt. Rotting, bowing, and warping around a doorframe not only pose functionality issues, but can also affect the integrity of the door itself. This then poses an unnecessary security risk to you and your family.
  • Skyrocketing heating and cooling costs are also one of the best reasons to look at making home improvements – including window and door replacements.
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