Will Replacing The Windows And Doors Increase The Value Of My Home?

Yes – one of Durabuilt’s major door manufacturing partners has found that the replacement of your home’s entrance adds real value in addition to a fresh new look. Therma-Tru’s National Home Valuation Study™ offers proof that a more attractive front entrance can considerably increase the perceived market value of a home.

The commissioned study asked more than 2,400 consumers to estimate home prices based on each home’s exterior appearance. The study found that an enhanced entryway can add as much as $24,000 to a home’s perceived value. The added value was as much as five times the cost of the entry system. The second instalment of Home Valuation Study™ found that moderately priced homes benefit from entryway updates just as much as their upscale counterparts. The new study shows that an upgraded entryway can increase the perceived value of an average home by $7,720, or 4.1%.

Replacing all your windows can provide the greatest visual impact on both the inside and outside of your home. When you think about the architectural features of your home, in most cases windows account for about 50% of the curb appeal.

Are your installers sub-contractors?

Durabuilt install crews are owner-operators that run their own crews, but it is a requirement that they exclusively work with Durabuilt Windows & Doors and our products. Extensive training and product knowledge is a requirement and expectation from members of the install team. Take comfort in knowing that the average installer for Durabuilt has been with us for 3+ years and has have a background in window and door renovations. Because we have a very low turnover rate, our installers take pride in their work and are passionate about Durabuilt and our customers.

What type of warranty will I get?

Durabuilt has a competitive product warranty that includes a limited lifetime warranty on major components such as window extrusions, and a 20-year limited warranty on glass sealed units. For full renovation packages where we install the product, we offer a 3-year labour warranty from the date of your installation. For complete details please refer to our full consumer warranty.

Why should I renovate with Durabuilt?

Durabuilt Windows & Doors is a local Edmonton based company that employs over 400 staff members. We are a CSA Certified manufacturer and Energy Star partner. We have over 25 years experience and back our products with a competitive warranty and local service teams. As a family-run business, we value our customer’s satisfaction and pride ourselves on providing quality products at a competitive price.

The Differences Between Dual and Triple Pane Windows

Dual Pane

All Durabuilt windows come with dual pane insulating glass as a standard (two individual pieces of glass separated by a sealed airspace). Installing new dual pane windows with our high-performance PVC frames will significantly improve your window & doors performance; especially when old single pane metal systems were previously in place.

Triple Pane

Triple pane insulating glass (three individual pieces of glass separated by two sealed airspaces) provides added performance benefits, especially in extreme climates, as it features additional glass and airspace for improved insulation. All of our Casement Collection windows support triple pane glass as well as selection of our slider series.

Simulations performed by Enermodal Engineering Ltd. using window 5.2 and Therm 5.2 as per NFRC100-2001. Outside temperature -17.8°C, inside temperature 21.1°C. Double-glazed Low-E glass with argon fill. Temperature results shown are average temperatures. [Test Reports EIG10009w, Oct. 15, 2010 – doubles and EIG11001w, Dec. 9, 2010 – triples.] Keff is per NFRC 101-2010.

Save on Energy Cost

Durabuilt’s triple pane windows deliver superior air-tightness and protection, preventing winter heat loss and summer heat gain. The dual seal combination keeps the entire glass surface warmer / cooler, especially on the inside, which helps retain energy. As a result, triple pane windows can insulate up to 60%* better than their dual pane counterparts.

* Study based on a double and triple pane window comparison under controlled circumstances featuring Super Spacer ® and Low E Glass with argon.

Reduce Noise & Improve Comfort

In today’s housing market, neighbours and distractions are often in close proximity. Triple pane windows are equally as effective at blocking unwanted noise as they are in retaining energy. By trapping sound waves in the first chamber and keeping cool drafts outside, your home will become the tranquil haven you long for.

Reduce Condensation

Triple pane insulating glass can improve your relative humidity levels (the point before surface condensation occurs) by almost double due to warmer window surface temperatures. Triple pane is highly recommended if you live in a cold dry climate and desire more moisture and humidity in the home.



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