Superior Design and Versatility
Made Easy

Exceptionally well built, Durabuilt’s Vinyl windows are perfect for creating a comfortable and stylish home.

Bring home a window that fits YOUR style.

Smooth Sliding

Our Alpha series welcomes in the world with a smooth sliding motion and boasts a sturdy, air and watertight design.

Swing Away

High-performing in every way, our Omega series swing gently open to offer exceptional class, energy savings, and durability.

Two Exciting Windows
Same Real-World Benefits

Our Alpha and Omega windows are both built with the same universal monoframe design. This gives you the ability to seamlessly mix and match these high-quality and stylish windows however you want. It also allows for easier selection and consistent installation.

Platform Design

  • Air and watertight
  • Universal Monoframe 6 9/16” jamb, 1 3/8” exterior nosing—new construction ready
  • Also available as continuous Alpha 4 3/8” or Omega 3 1/4” frame
    for added versatility when adding on interior or exterior trims
  • Common Mullion
    Slim profile and more glass

  • Sleek Look
    Contemporary appearance both outside and inside

  • Triple Pane Option
    Enhanced energy efficiency and comfort

Unique to Alpha

2” Brickmould Monoframe
Designed with an integral 2” brickmould, making it airtight, watertight, and a snap to install. Perfect for replacing old aluminum or plastic siding windows

Unique to Omega

High-performing and unquestionably classy, our Omega windows offer you exciting, exclusive features.

Tight Sealing Solution
Roto® Corner Drive is an extension to our standard multi-point locking hardware. It’s ideally used on taller casement windows to ensure a tight seal.

Stylish Smooth Operator
Our top-quality Roto® hardware features a low-profile, tuck away handle and cover, available in White and Beige to match your windows, or in other stylish fashion finishes. Low profile, locking and operating hardware offers ease of use and secure functionality.

Aluminum Clad
Durable aluminum exterior with clean, crisp lines. Offered in Black, Commercial Brown, Iron Ore, Sable pained finishes and rich, lustrous Clear Anodized.

2” Aluminum
Reno Brickmould
Replicates a traditional appearance and makes replacement installation simple.

Design Function

Single Hung
Slides up and down and stays in desired position

Direct Set
Opens up living space and maximizes natural light

Gently swings open to let fresh air in

Swings from the bottom out for indirect, subtle ventilation

Direct Set
Expands natural light and overall view (complementary, non-venting)

Achieve a large glass area within a frame when matching nightlines o a casement or awning

Maximize natural light with a low-profile frame. Available in rectangular, geometric and curved shapes

Easily glides for direct and efficient ventilation

Casement/Direct Set
Continuous frame combination can be rearranged as you’d like

For maximum light and view, and a contemporary look, when mulled to a casement

Looking to achieve equal glass sightline? Use a Fixed windowing a continuous frame or a mulled window

Design Your Window

Glass & Window Performance

What would a Durabuilt window be without its real performance glass? Whether you choose triple pane, dual pane, or low-e solutions like Sun Gain ER or Solar Block U with argon gas, you’ll receive superior performance and comfort requirements with the additional benefit of energy savings. Even better, for enhanced thermal efficiencies and reduced condensation, Durabuilt windows feature warm-edge premium spacer bars.

All of our Alpha and Omega windows are tested to NAFS/CSA and Energy Rating standards. Bottom line, our windows meet and exceed today’s energy and structural requirements.

  • Triple Pane

  • Low E

Clean Less, Live More with Diamon-Fusion® Coating

Durabuilt’s already high-quality, prairie-tested windows have even better clarity and longevity thanks to Diamon-Fusion® technology.

Click HERE to see the coating in action!

Glass may appear smooth, but it’s made up of microscopic peaks and valleys where contaminants can get lodged and stuck, compromising the clarity of your windows. Diamon-Fusion® Protective Glass Coating fills in these peaks and valleys and creates a smooth, seamless surface that protects against moisture, dust, scum, and debris, as well as hazing, yellowing, and general aging. As a result, enjoy crystal-clear high-performing windows for the entirety of their lifetime, guaranteed!

  • DFI

  • Cut your cleaning time by up to 90%

  • All you need is water, no more harsh cleaners

  • Repels moisture and all other contaminants

  • 100% optically-clear windows

  • Won’t yellow, haze, fade, or corrode

  • Scratch resistant