Exceptionally versatile.

Flexible design to fit any home.

Enhanced hardware for easy and secure use.

Four-seal defense from the elements.


Omega 800 - Flexible design ideal for replacement & new build projects

  1. Four-seal defense guards you from the elements
  2. Full bodied, 3¼” frame with an integral nail fin for secure installation
  3. Simple, contemporary sash design
  4. Solid, air, and watertight mullion construction


Omega 750 Monoframe

Omega 750 Monoframe – New build solution

With a robust 6 ½” air and watertight design, the 750 monoframe is the perfect complement to our Alpha sliding windows.

Design Function


Gently swings out to let the fresh air in


Softly swings out from the bottom


Enlarge your view using the same sightlines as our casement and awning options


Opens up living space and maximizes the sunlight in your home


Choose from a variety of shapes that can easily be combined with other window types


Be your own designer by simply choosing your desired mix of ventilation and view

Design Your Window