Foothills Hospital Lottery Home

A grand prize aesthetic for an esteemed community lottery home.

The Task at Hand

When it comes to a grand prize lottery show home, visitors and ticket-buyers expect luxury in every aspect. This home delivers, boasting 5,800 square feet and a waterfront lot in Calgary’s gorgeous Cranston neighbourhood. The windows and doors chosen to adorn this home would need to ooze elegance and indulgence.

The Solution

At $2.4 million, no expense was spared to ensure this home was a showstopper. It was only fitting that Durabuilt’s premium Vivacé line was used to bring the rear elevation of this masterpiece to life. The smooth, eye-catching laminate creates an intriguing visual throughout the inside and outside of the home. The Vivacé window and door combination allows the amazing ability to impress guests with a fully open wall leading out to the back patio. The result is a home that stands out for its beauty, even among the high-end custom-built properties in one of Calgary’s most prestigious new neighbourhoods.

Thoughts from Our Client

The feedback on the home was outstanding, and the visitors were incredibly impressed with the fully open dining room to patio space that was created using the Vivacé product.