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Window Replacement Installation: Should You DIY It or Hire a Professional?

Whether you have a broken window or it’s time for an upgrade, you’ll be replacing your windows at some...

Sliding Patio Doors

Why You Should Get Sliding Patio Doors for Your House

Sliding patio doors are an emerging trend among many modern-day households. As you see them, you may be compelled...

Front Entry Door

5 Signs You Must Replace Your Front Entry Door: Our Guide

When it comes to house doors, the front entry one is deemed to be the most important. This is...

Sliding Glass Door

When to Repair or Replace Your Sliding Glass Door

When you want to have a stylish, luxury home, installing a sliding glass door can be your best bet....

Redesigning Outdoors

Redesigning Outdoors: Patio Or Garden Doors?

Winter has come and gone, and now the sweet sounds of birds can be heard in the morning, followed...

Replacement Windows for Your Home

7 Ways to Successfully Get Replacement Windows for Your Home

If you see your energy bills skyrocketing or you find leaks all the time whenever there’s the slightest rainfall,...

Window Replacements

Window Replacements in Canada: Our Basic Guide

Owning a home is never an easy experience because of all the different things you need to worry about...

Door Replacements

Door Replacements: When Should You Have Your Doors Replaced

Nowadays, people go in and out of their homes through their side doors and garage, making them forget about...

Window Replacement

A Guide to Window Replacement Renovations

Getting replacement windows for your home is always worth it, but there’s also plenty of work involved in this...

Receiver Edmonton

Receiver – Edmonton

Our values are at the core of everything we do! Innovative. Think ahead to stay ahead. Driver. Stay hungry and act...

All About Innovation

All about Innovation

Shipping Trucks and Racks The racking program was  started in 2019 and we now hold 300 racks that are...

Prescribed Your Glass

Nice Frames! Who Prescribed your Glass?

Have you purchased eye glasses recently? The selection of eyeglass frames is truly remarkable – high performance materials, durable...


Window Performance Testing – A Basic Overview of NAFS

The North American Fenestration Standard/Specification, or NAFS, is the recognized standard for testing, rating and labelling of windows, doors...

Energy Code 9

Energy Code 9.36 – Where Do Windows and Doors Fit in?

Section 9.36 of the National Building Code details new requirements for housing and small buildings that is focused on...

Business Review Canada

Business Review Canada

Durabuilt Windows & Doors has been recognized as a top 100 industry manufacturer by Business Review Canada. Click here...

Performance Rating

Performance Rating

If you are ever wondering about the structural and thermal performance of your windows, these guides are here to...

Windows And Doors

The Right Windows and Doors for New Home Construction

Whether you’re building a home with one of our builder partners, hiring a general contractor, or are completing a...

Built Green

Built Green

Durabuilt Windows & Doors is a proud member of Built Green Canada, a third party certification program for homes...

Same Day Stain

Same Day Stain

When it comes to staining or refinishing your wood grain entry door, Durabuilt highly recommends the Same Day Stain™...

South Facing Home

My Home Is South Facing. How Can I Make It Cooler?

Durabuilt offers Low E glass solutions for year round comfort and savings. Low E glass can act as a...

Value Of My Home

Will Replacing The Windows And Doors Increase The Value Of My Home?

Yes – one of Durabuilt’s major door manufacturing partners has found that the replacement of your home’s entrance adds...

Box Frame Renovations

What Is The Difference Between Full Frame And Box Frame Renovations?

In some situations where it is important for the customer to preserve historic characteristics of the home, we may...

Replace Windows And Doors

Can I Replace My Windows and Doors in the Winter?

Absolutely – if you’re experiencing heat loss and cold drafts, please do not put your comfort on hold any...

Installers Sub Contractors

Are your installers sub-contractors?

Durabuilt install crews are owner-operators that run their own crews, but it is a requirement that they exclusively work...


How Long Will My Renovation Take?

Durabuilt Windows & Doors’ skilled installers can complete most renovations within one or two days, and full home packages...


What type of warranty will I get?

Durabuilt has a competitive product warranty that includes a limited lifetime warranty on major components such as window extrusions,...


What sort of budget do I need to replace all my windows and doors?

Several variables come into play when it comes to replacing your windows and doors. This includes the age of...

Heating and Cooling Costs

Will I Save On My Heating And Cooling Costs?

If you’ve been experiencing inflated heating and cooling costs, we can guarantee that you will see a reduction on...

Renovate With Durabuilt

Why should I renovate with Durabuilt?

Durabuilt Windows & Doors is a local Edmonton based company that employs over 400 staff members. We are a...

New Windows And Doors

How Do I Know If I Need New Windows And Doors?

It’s sometimes difficult to tell when you need to replace or update your windows and doors. To help, here...

Interior Finishing

Stainable Fir Interior Finishing Instructions

Rich-looking Douglas Fir interior laminate takes your choice of stain or paint beautifully – follow these instructions for best...

Energy Costs Down

How Does Super Spacer® Keep Energy Costs Down?

All Durabuilt insulating glass units, across our various Window Collections feature the same premium grade all-foam, no metal Super...

Dual And Triple Pane Windows

The Differences Between Dual and Triple Pane Windows

Dual Pane Triple Pane Simulations performed by Enermodal Engineering Ltd. using window 5.2 and Therm 5.2 as per NFRC100-2001....

E Glass Windows

The Benefits of Low E Glass Windows

Of all the options and accessories to consider for your windows, the most important is really the most obvious,...

Get Grants & Rebates on Your Windows

Durabuilt Windows & Doors provides energy efficient, high quality products that will improve the comfort, look and value of...

How ENERGY STAR® Means Energy Efficiency

1. Find Your Climate Zone     2. Choose Windows & Doors that Qualify for that Zone 3. Retain Your Labels...

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency: It All Adds Up

Durabuilt window and door systems are built to withstand extreme weather variation and meet the most stringent Energy Star...

Window Condensation

All About Window Condensation

It is important to know that windows do not cause condensation, they simply provide a visible surface for it....