Home Renovation FAQ

Why do I need Triple pane? Other companies say I only need Dual.

Triple pane windows are not much more money relative to the total cost of installing new windows, and the immediately appreciable benefits will greatly outweigh that initial cost. You’ll enjoy a quieter home that’s warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer, which will take a noticeable chunk off your heating and cooling costs. Triple pane windows are also a great resale feature. They show purchasers that you repair things properly, a sign of investment that will make buyers feel good about purchasing your home. Also, triple pane is a great way to take advantage of the Alberta rebate program.

Why should I deal with Durabuilt windows? Other companies are cheaper.

In short, we offer a total customer experience and will look after you from start to finish. That means we take full responsibility for sales, manufacturing, installation and warranty service. Proud Albertan’s, we are celebrating our 30th year in business and employ hundreds of Albertans to manufacture our windows, doors, and Super Spacer insulating glass units. This all takes place in our 180,000 sq. ft. state of the art manufacturing facility. Our products are prairie designed and tested and our wide offering means we can meet your needs in design and comfort.
You’ll have one of our company-trained sales professionals guide you each step of the way and ensure that the job is done to your satisfaction. Many of our competitors buy lower quality windows from Eastern Canada and use sales agents and contractors to install and service their products. Why take chances with your money? We are proud to offer one-stop-shop service.

What type of low-e glass should I put in my new windows?

Triple pane is the new standard and provides incredible benefits on its own, but we offer low-e glass options that can provide even more customized comfort to your home. Solarban low-e blocks the sun’s heat from entering your home, or – if you are already partially protected from the summer heat by deciduous trees or large overhangs – there’s Sungate low-e, which allows a comfortable amount of the sun’s heat to enter during the summer. Both options help retain heat during the wintertime and make the areas around your windows more comfortable. Argon gas comes standard with our low-e windows and helps to further slow the transfer of heat.

What happens to the siding and stucco when removing old windows and installing new ones?

All of your new windows are custom built and will be sized to fit in the existing space between your stucco and siding. A neatly applied bead of sealant between your new window and your exterior will ensure they are weathertight.

Will the new windows prevent condensation?

Your new windows are high-performance insulated and sealed units using Super Spacer – the industry’s warmest space bar. This lessens the chance of annoying condensation. This technology keeps the glass and its edges warmer so that your new windows will be less likely to have condensation.

Who do I contact for service or warranty?

Our Connect YOU group handles all post-installation questions or requests. They have complete access to your order and are on board to offer the most efficient and effective customer experience. They can be reached at connectyou@durabuiltwindows.com. Your Durabuilt sales professional also remains in the loop regarding any service you may need and is your advocate if anything doesn’t meet your satisfaction.

What is my warranty, and is it transferable to the next owner?

We offer a limited lifetime warranty on window vinyl extrusions and hardware, a 20-year warranty on glass-sealed units, a 10-year warranty on exterior finishes and fibreglass door slabs, and a full 5 years on the Durabuilt installation. As the original consumer, your warranty is transferrable to the next homeowner for up to 10 years.
Our comprehensive warranty can be viewed at www.durabuiltwindows.com/connect-you/warranty-details.

Can you make my window larger?

A window can be made larger – either wider or taller – but first we have to ensure the structural load above the window is still adequately supported, as windows and doors are not load-bearing. For wider windows, we may have to install a new header, which would result in higher installation costs. Taller windows often require less construction and result in lower costs. Whatever your preference, our expert install crews will carefully assess and then ensure that the job is done correctly.

How fast can I get my window and doors installed?

Once you give us the go ahead to supply and install your new windows and doors our install group will send an expert within 1-2 weeks to confirm the measurements and ensure a perfect fit. Then the windows will be put on order. After that, you can expect 4-5 weeks until your installation day. If you require a tighter timeline, your window sales professional can provide some steps that may speed things along.

Can you install in winter?

Absolutely. Our install crews work to -15 Celsius and your old window will only be missing for 5-10 minutes before your new window is put into place. We can then fully insulate the cavity around your new window and complete the job. In some cases, we may need to come back to apply exterior caulking on a warmer day, but you will still get full enjoyment, and reduced energy costs, out of your new windows.