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Shipping Trucks and Racks

The racking program was  started in 2019 and we now hold 300 racks that are fitted with GPS tracking. These racks are a delivery & install basket that our builder contractors use on site for ease of installation for their projects. We have also added two decks and moffats which are used to deliver the racks to each site.

Lamination Machine

We have spent some time and effort cleaning out the former DirectBuy showroom in Building 2, to create a new home for our lamination lines. We are currently in the process of upgrading the power to the building to ensure we can support these production lines and we are expecting this transition to take place in the early new year.

Glass Line Equipment

GED ATLAS line: The Automated Tri-Lite Assembly System, or ATLAS, from GED Integrated Solutions is adaptive to unique insulating glass unit combinations, including both double-pane and triple-pane, and produces IGUs in 20-second cycle time. Machine-controlled consistency produces uniform, high-quality IG units, along with a higher production rate. The ATLAS integrated touch-free Bernoulli technology glass lifting system ensures contamination-free placement and alignment of triple IGUs. The visual software interface provides grid, spacer and glass alignment functions, while the machine automatically aligns and assembles the center lite.

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