Get Grants & Rebates on Your Windows

Durabuilt Windows & Doors provides energy efficient, high quality products that will improve the comfort, look and value of your home. In addition to ongoing savings, energy efficient home improvements and building practices may also help you qualify for government grants and rebate programs.

To find out what incentives are available nationally you can visit National Resources Canada.

Complementary regional programs and provincial grants are also available. Click here for more information.

The requirements and qualifications will vary by program, but there are a few common guidelines of how things often work and the required steps to access a government grant.


Participants may have register with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) at or 1 800 O-Canada (1-800-622-6232) prior to starting your process. Always investigate the requirements before beginning your project.

Pre-Retrofit Evaluation

For renovations you will likely have to hire a certifi­ed energy advisor (licensed by NRCan) to perform an in-home evaluation before improvements begin. If your home has already been evaluated in the last few years, a new pre-retrofit evaluation may not be required.

Note: you can book your Durabuilt consultation and order windows and doors prior to your pre-evaluation to guarantee an installation date. It is important however, to schedule and complete your pre-retrofit evaluation prior to the actual renovation work.

Retrofit and Build with Receipts

Once you choose, purchase and install eligible products, participates must always retain and present receipts to access any government grant or rebate

Retain your Durabuilt Labels

Once you complete your project, be sure to retain all of your window and door labels that confirm your products meet the Energy Star requirements for your zone.

Post-Retrofit Evaluation

Typically you will also need to do a post-retrofit evaluation, to verify that eligible upgrades were purchased. Once this is complete, your energy advisor will prepare the proper documentation and often submit the claim. You’ll need to verify this with your evaluation company.

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